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Eurolux’s latest range of solar powered fairy lights will add a whimsical touch to any outdoor space. Available in white and multi-coloured lamps, these lights are perfect for year round use to highlight garden features and ensure safe passage around obstacles. Using the energy of the sun to power the lights, they can be strung anywhere that receives a fair amount of sunlight – and no complex wiring is required! Read more

Eurolux Adds Sparkle To Outdoor Spaces
Download the Eurolux Lamp catalogue

Salt Deli and Vodka bar at Ambassador Hotel is getting a new look…

1st of April 2013 something new arrives at the salt deli. Something that should not be missed by any coffee lovers.  There is nothing quite like Salt Café in the Bantry Bay area. Guests can pop in any time from early morning until 9pm for a great cup of coffee or something delicious to eat.To keep cuisine interesting and ever changing, Restaurant’s award winning chef has introduced daily specials for deli diners. The cutting edge Vodka Bar, boasting panoramic views is located above the Café. There isn’t another vodka bar in Cape Town and the concept perfectly complements the branding of Salt – both are elemental, clean products. Here guests can relax in the sophisticated lounge and enjoy a choice of 30 premium brand vodkas, served neat or as a colourful cocktail, and accompanied by delectable tapas from Salt Café. To read more about them  just click here..

Caring Candies move premises …

Caring Candies sugar free sweets were developed in 2002 by a Father & Mother team out of sheer frustration at the lack of HEALTHY treats available, and specifically with Diabetics, Hyperactive Children, Slimmers & the Health Conscious in mind. More...Caring Candies are FREE FROM all "Nasties" such as sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colourants, preservatives and allergens (we're Feingold Association approved). They are Tooth-Friendly, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Vegan, and unbelievably delicious with no horrible aftertaste.Every candy is expertly handcrafted and consists of only natural ingredients. Yep, nothing artificial has been added!

There range has expanded to now include sugarfree hard boiled sweets, sugarfree lollipops, sugarfree candy sticks, sugarfree candy canes, sugarfree novelties, and now the most unbelievable tasting sugarfree chocolate too ! Caring Candies recently moved factories from to Unit 12 Apollo park.  For more information visit the link More...